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The Keeper of Secrets 2021 Charlie Bear Collection. 

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p>Welcome to Charlie BearCollection For 2021

Introduction Letter From Charlie:

Like Alice in Wonderland, this year Charlie lost herself in her labyrinth, her design book. This place of wonder is every-growing as it contains every design idea and name suggestion she has received over the years, since starting the company.

Its well-thumbed pages contain a vast array of letters, cards, drawings and emails. With handwritten scribbles, notable dates and so many heartfelt stories. The pages of design ideas twist and weave from the traditional styled bears right through to the whimsical flights of imagination and have endless amount of inspiration for both bears and playful companions.

Hoping to make as many dreams come true as she can this year, Charlie has created for her collectors their most wanted characters with many of the most requested and sought-after names, which she hopes will become their very own KEEPER OF SECRETS...

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